Español Santillana



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Students join the action as they follow four students traveling to fascinating places in the Spanish-speaking world. They become online “fans” and vote for Andy, Tess, Tim, and Diana, who compete to demonstrate their mastery of Spanish and understanding of Hispanic cultures! Andy, Tess, Tim and Diana created a website just for your students, where they can become “fans del español”.



This revolutionary new program’s innovative approach to teaching Spanish makes teaching and learning a new language fun and meaningful.


  • Produced specifically for middle school students of ALL language levels
  • Created with “hip” storyline to motivate students to learn the Spanish language and about Hispanic cultures
  • Designed to seamlessly integrate language and culture in EVERY lesson


Español Santillana engages and motivates

  • Original, fun storyline today’s adolescents can relate to
  • Lessons that involve students in their own learning
  • Online games & activities give students a chance to win a cultural challenge



EspanolSantillanaEspañol Santillana creates cultural bridges

  • Meaningful treatment of 5 C’s of language learning
  • Activities that create cross-cultural understanding and communication



Español Santillana is integrated and balanced

  • Systematic presentation of culture, communication, vocabulary, and grammar in every unit
  • Integrated use of print and technology resources
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